Best Real Ahegao! [Part II]

best real ahegao

MP4 files for iPhone/Safari (Lower quality)



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  1. I like how when this generous guy doesn’t do what people want they bombard him with insults. However when he goes through the effort of finding the images that people want, they shower him with praise as if they didn’t just curse him and call him a retard. Stop being so entitled people!


      1. Yet here you are. On the same website. Looking at the same images. Making the effort to post a comment.
        Over and out.


  2. Is he really just gonna post this and disappear..? like mate…
    Either way I recommend ya’ll check out .., ik a lot of u don’t know another site than this so thought I’d help out while he gets his shit together


        1. Are you the morality police, what’s wrong with racism¿
          Just so you are aware, this is a site for attractive white girls (clearly we’re not looking for progressive diversity)

  3. the one person on this site who likes ahego and is disliking all the comments about how no ones wants it is a little bitch


  4. are you fucking retarded? you don’t run a site by posting the opposite of what we’ve been asking for. WE WANT TEEN TUESDAY. WE WANT FAMILY CREEPSHOTS.



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