Big Booty HS Teen Danielle


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  1. well she’s over 18 now so i can say this: bitch rightfully went underground after being such an attention seeking slut, she recently reemerged on a tiktok called daniellelynne or some shit, apparently she works at a hooters now. only thing is, she has massive lip injections and fake tits now. Her ass and legs look toned but who is to say that isnt fake shit too? Disgusting frankly yet i’d still give a good hate fucking. too bad she probably only fucks long island rich guidos and jews

  2. [email protected] P3rtus13ll0 was a legend. She got hella chubby though and got lip injections. looks like a fat duck now. i am sure fun to bang but not a bang i will admit to the boys LOL.

  3. Gotdamn she’s blessed with a booty.
    If that was my daughter I would have her mother eat her pussy and teach her how to message daddy love stick and show her special kisses on her daddy’s stick

  4. Ok so this girl is ok. Def hot. But I love the whole profile of her. Like all the pics of her at parties and alone and dancing and with friends etc. this should be done for every girl on here pretty much. Great post

      1. I’d have no problem putting a couple babies in her & getting her pregnant. The younger girls are the best because they’re always horny & always wanting it.

    1. Are you implying that because she looks 19 she’s not attractive? Can’t tell if you’re a pedo that wants younger girls or who knows maybe you like some milfs.

      1. Wtf are you doing here then? I can’t tell if you’re a fag and mad that your dad hates you bc you love cock over pussy so you take it out on strangers over the internet, or if you are a guilty pedo pointing the blame on someone else. You’re the one who clicked on a set of images call “High School Teen Booty” so fuck off.


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