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  1. You should put her in box and send to india so can cum in her asshole pusy and make her my usa slut

    1. Had my first beer last night in my dreams on a school bus and freddy skipped school I guess.

  2. You should cum in her water bottle before the game .

    when she cheer and yell her chant your cum be on her breath

    1. You should do that to my cousin she’s a volleyball player. Everytime she plays she wears those shorts and teases the crowd

  3. Damn bro your sister is such a tease. Also i agree with sick fuck you shuould cum on her toothbrush so she can taste your semen and know that she is a slut for it. Man her panties probably smelled sweet lol im suprised you still havent fucked her she probably wants you too walking around the house like that straight up asking for it


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