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  1. Wow! These are all cool pics, but i can’t believe that my hometown grocery store made the list on the second to last photo.
    I really wished I could tell which H.E.B. location she was at . . . background is a little blurry. Good work.


  2. Incredible. I haven’t taken any in a while and I’ve never been directly stared at but I think I have been suspected before. It takes balls to film someone catching you!


  3. P.s. every single one of these is hot as fuck but I didn’t wanna ask about all the ones I liked the most, that would be too many questions!


  4. Dude, I’ve been following your work on here and candidzone for just a couple of months now and I am blown away, you’ve posted some of the best candid videos and pics I’ve ever seen, so I just wanted to say that because this shit deserves praise!

    Now, that last pic there is so god damn motherfucking sexy I can’t handle it, is it your own oc? Is there a story behind it? A video maybe? Any of those would be magical dude!



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