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  1. #18 is may favorite.
    Amanda whispers: “Jessica, your stepdad is taking pics of our butts again.”
    Jessica whisper back: “I know. He is such a perv.”

  2. #47
    Those legs are hot as fuck. She must want to kick you in the nuts with her pantyhosed leg when you were caught.

  3. Wow! These are all cool pics, but i can’t believe that my hometown grocery store made the list on the second to last photo.
    I really wished I could tell which H.E.B. location she was at . . . background is a little blurry. Good work.

    1. Respect to the homies taking the pics, did it once, the adrenilin(idk how its spelt) was intense.

  4. Incredible. I haven’t taken any in a while and I’ve never been directly stared at but I think I have been suspected before. It takes balls to film someone catching you!

  5. P.s. every single one of these is hot as fuck but I didn’t wanna ask about all the ones I liked the most, that would be too many questions!

  6. Dude, I’ve been following your work on here and candidzone for just a couple of months now and I am blown away, you’ve posted some of the best candid videos and pics I’ve ever seen, so I just wanted to say that because this shit deserves praise!

    Now, that last pic there is so god damn motherfucking sexy I can’t handle it, is it your own oc? Is there a story behind it? A video maybe? Any of those would be magical dude!


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