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  1. Am I the only one that enjoys reading through the comments every time? I love to see what people have to say

  2. I didnโ€™t get anything for my bday all I want is to be able to sign up or just see these pictures please come back

    1. Happi B-Day!
      So bored being stuck home from Covid. I hope we have regular school in fall and no more remote stuff.

        1. that’s nasty asf, I’d hope you actually went to school if ur looking at these girls nasty ass nigga. get a life old bum

        2. Most high school seniors are 18. And like someone else said, Its morally better for underage people to be looking at teens instead of some 40 year old pedo

  3. check out sadiesteelman on IG, she was in my English class. She has amazing bust and a nice body.

  4. The younger the better… nothing better than plowing a hot sexy…. Get ahold of that ass and buttfuck the shit out of them (literally) they will squirm squeal and squirt…. oh and cry lol but they are the girls later in hs that do anal…. so your welcome…

  5. Skater or die skate or die skate or die skate or die skate or die skate or die skater or die skate or die skate or die skate or die skate or die skate or die skate or die skate or die skate or die skate or die skate or die

  6. My man, seriously? Itโ€™s the new years and no new albums or even access to sign up for premium? Whatโ€™s the point of having traffic if youโ€™re not even gonna try to maintain it?

  7. Anyone want Highschool Cs and nuds but you have to send your stuff. If you dont have what i have then dont even bother. My name on Ins is my name here

  8. Teen lover come back please, we all need you, and if you cant at least make all prmium photos available to everyone, that all i want for christmas (Wink, wink, nudge nudge)

  9. Go read the comments in sister tries to get brother hard during yoga challenge theres a good story in the comments

  10. TeenLover itโ€™s thankgsgiving, if youโ€™re not gonna let us sign up for premium at least give us something today ):

  11. Jesus all of these vsco pics from usernames posted are just girls making stupid faces. I can’t jerk to that shit c’mon dawgs. At least some asses in tight jeans, let’s gooooooooooo

  12. This is a repost! We have been waiting for 2 weeks for something. Wtf dude. I thought we were bros…

  13. Everyone keeps talking about a new site – anyone know what thatโ€™s all about?!?


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