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  1. Well I guess “teen lover” is dead or in jail, cos I paid for premium ages back and still got nothing. If anyone can be a cool bro and share I’ll gladly donate some Btc or whatever

  2. My man, seriously? It’s the new years and no new albums or even access to sign up for premium? What’s the point of having traffic if you’re not even gonna try to maintain it?

  3. Anyone want Highschool Cs and nuds but you have to send your stuff. If you dont have what i have then dont even bother. My name on Ins is my name here

  4. Teen lover come back please, we all need you, and if you cant at least make all prmium photos available to everyone, that all i want for christmas (Wink, wink, nudge nudge)

  5. Go read the comments in sister tries to get brother hard during yoga challenge theres a good story in the comments

  6. TeenLover it’s thankgsgiving, if you’re not gonna let us sign up for premium at least give us something today ):

  7. Jesus all of these vsco pics from usernames posted are just girls making stupid faces. I can’t jerk to that shit c’mon dawgs. At least some asses in tight jeans, let’s gooooooooooo

  8. This is a repost! We have been waiting for 2 weeks for something. Wtf dude. I thought we were bros…

  9. Everyone keeps talking about a new site – anyone know what that’s all about?!?


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