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  1. In the moms section, with the black thong on the couch, if my mom looked like that I’d probably do just about everything it takes to get her to pull that thong down

  2. why dont u virgins just pay the premium or get a free fucking MeWe and DL all the nastiest most taboo most whatever you want as much as u want. LITERALLY. Like fucking adults. jesus. buncha pervs crying at a sit developer.. OF COURSE he charges for it, r yall daft? yall have any fucking clue the time and effort that it takes to keep a site like this stocked w fresh shit AND listen to yall homos cry on top of ALL that… frfr? buncha lil bitches man.

    1. You’re on the fucking creepshots.org and you call people pervert, are you aware of it? What a fucking

  3. Y’all bitching about premium being so expensive, it’s cuz he wants y’all to submit shit. I got my premium from submitting some stuff and it being put in posts.

  4. Ignore all these salty people.
    Keep up the good work!
    Watch this get downvoted to hell, lol.
    But yes, make it 20$ instead of 50 like it used to be.

  5. Can someone download these please. I really dont have the money for premium but I love this side. Please put some ads on it or something.

  6. Why make us pay just put advertisements on this website so we can see the post and you still get paid


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