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        1. So he raised the price to 55 from 35 ? For what? He hardly posts any premium posts and when he does it mostly sucks.

  1. You know, I find it hilarious that this guy will post these albums, yet refuses to show them to everyone besides premium Users. Usually this would be understandable given the content, but hey buddy! HOW THE FUCK DO I GET PREMIUM? I have sent you over 30 pictures, all in vain. Wake up people, this guy doesn’t give a shit about his followers. Only money to feed his Mountain Dew and Doritos habit.

    1. Idk what all ya’lls malfunction is. Dude hooks us the fuck up with this site. I dont see anyone else doing it. Also i got premium no problem and everything works great. So any issues any of you are having are problems on your end. Not teenlover

  2. I call my boat the master baiter because fishing is life and so is masturbating…God I love masturbating…

      1. Sometimes I look at myself
        In the mirror and masturbate while growling and barking like a rabid dog… grrrrrrrrrrr I’m so horny right now I’m howling at the moon.

  3. Teenlover is a loser who needs money to afford code red Mountain Dew and hot pockets. He also finds Susan Sarandon hot.

  4. If you don’t have premium set up yet then don’t lock content behind premium, your just asking for problems you stupid cunt.

  5. yo teenlover take your fucking head out of your ass and allow people to join premium, either your fucking dumb or just dumb. you could be making some bank right now but you’re not, your pudding a lot of people off and losing clients all at the same time, good job buddy you just fucked your self.

      1. at this point it’s the only thing running through me, no fapping happening over here with this bs site

  6. Teen Lover says:
    November 27, 2018 at 10:55 pm
    Premium will be available potentially next month, if not then by January for sure. When I get everything setup for premium, there will be much more content posted.πŸ‘

  7. Why can’t you capitalise on the fact that a large majority of people that visit this site are willing to pay for access to your premium content. Like you could be making cash right now but you’re choosing not to?

  8. Listen I get that you have to make some posts premium in order to get people to join premium but if there isnt an option to join then this is just a dick move. The only people who can view this shit are the hadnful of people who you allowed to join. At least allow people to join premium for fucks sake.


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