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  1. i wish my high school were as slutty as these girls , i graduate 3 years ago and since then i noticed high school girls become more slutty every year , i even noticed that on my sisters , the very short skirts, tight yoga pants , alot of parties , a new boyfriend or two almost every year , most of their talk is about hot guys and sex , the “no bra” trend , most of their posts on socials are bikinis and showing their asses and ….

  2. I would love to bend over the chick in the first set of photos with the white top and black tights and fuck her until I knock her up. Then again, some dude has already done that more than likely.

  3. Does anyone else check daily on this site in case something amazing is posted only to become premium and lock after the first day? 😂

  4. Just make sure to send me lotsa spaghetti, ya perverts!

  5. No new content in almost a month! Nice job gay lover!! Your mom ground you from the computer??

  6. Lol idk why I still check this tbh. He’s not gonna post. He’s done. Thanks for some good content. Shame though that you stopped giving a shit. See ya guys, I’m out

  7. the girl in glasses had it in the instagram only that does not support good video requests, I’m sure there are more of these

  8. It’s been 2 week’s since i wait for her nudes… someone can help me please??? my dick starving :(((

    1. Be better bro, she wouldn’t obsess over you. You can watch the hottest video and have the biggest cum but what does it get you?

  9. Hey, use your own website and share stuff with us. Let us help you. Or post more! It’s easy. Don’t make us believe it’s hard for you.

  10. So he doesn’t find content just gets people to send shit? And people pay? I’m confused. Just start a group blog then wtf.

    1. Why do we have to send him stuff to post? Most of it he just keeps for himself. We should be able to post are own stuff without having to send it to him to decide to post it or not

    1. Pussy you think we’re going to jump for joy when this guy posts decent content once every 3 months?

    1. No, sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have a lot of content to sort through, but it will be getting posted soon enough.

  11. man fuck you. might as well give us the premium credentials because it’s obvious you ain’t doing shit.

  12. Can you post already even though you’ll just see comments about how this site sucks now not that’s not true though.

  13. Just have a 2nd person that can also post stuff… Or maybe a team of people, might help ya out

  14. Why does every single person that says they have her nudes or videos play around? JUST POST THEM. Stop being so selfish and share. Everybody would appreciate it.

  15. Savannah Saylor, just saw her youtube video. Bitch got kicked out of school for taking alcohol on campus and getting drunk. No brains but has big tits.

  16. She’s a slut. Back When I was in highschool I was on a party bus and this girl in my grade gave the driver a blowjob to keep driving around longer. Was the moment I realized how dirty some little girls could be and was a bit disgusted only because we were 16 and this dude was obviously in his 40’s

    1. Holyshit. Imagine how he felt like. I bet he couldn’t even last 10 seconds. Amazing. Love slut girls.

    1. If I was her teacher you bet I’d persuade them Schoolgirls to give it all up being funny & know how to have fun with anyone gets teen girls to come have tons of fun and come through to the MoMo

  17. Why the hate on this girl she not fat she’s thick and young by the look on the pictures she waiting to get fucked

        1. I figured out they have a dubsmash, if onone can find the account that would be awesome, thiers some hot shit on there.


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