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  1. No.. Not in this way. This is a great embarrassment for that person’s serious manner. There might not be worse way of humiliating an individual than this. Isn’t it way too off? Probably they had a reason to can’t help but fight, not only got physically harassed, but also had an unintentional embarrassing body reveal and it is posted on internet forever.. I only tend to suggestive pictures, not this. I’m terribly sorry.

    1. That’s why you should really reconsider fighting before-hand, especially when neither one can actually fight. But if they insist, then be enlightened to athlean x on YouTube in order to actually defend yourself.

  2. i want to fuck that girl. I have a fantasy that I am the principal and her punishment is being my slut for the year

  3. Where is my free content, dammit? I need to complain about my free content. Im not NOT paying for no free content.

  4. He should start something new where if he doesn’t post content for over a week he has to unlock all the premiums

    1. I’vd noticed a pattern. If he is called out the comment is removed.
      If the post gets too many dislikes or hate, he takes the post down.
      If a post gets a lotta of likes or views he makes them premium.

  5. Teenlover, there’s gotta be a logical explanation for why you keep taking great content down, are you getting flagged by someone?

          1. I remember when I was 8 or so I saw some porn show on tv late at night. First time I ever got a hard on and I humped my bed ferociously. Good o’l days.

        1. bitch i do know about pornhub nigga. yes im original comment poster. i would like to see girlsmy age tho

  6. All the guys were gonna break it up until her thong came out. Buddy filming probably ran to the little boys room to jerk his shit after.

    1. Those who think a world governored women would be a better place …. should look at this video is the other thousands that are on the web equal to it…

  7. Oh yeah. Those fucking American sluts man… I hope I will be reincarnated as an American HS boy with good jawline.


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