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  1. Everyone: TL pls post content which even scarcely relates to your website’s literal name.

    TL: No, I don’t think I will.


  2. This is disgusting. That dude was a complete dick. Took the condom off and face fucked her then raw dogged her, without consent, handcuffed her and slapped the shit out of her. This kind of shit can scare you for life. His dick was also fucking disgusting, what is wrong with it?


    1. Shut the fuck up. She wanted it rough. She didn’t protest to any of it. Watch it again and look at how arched her back is in doggy. She’s a freak who wanted it.


  3. what the fuck is wrong with this dude. Dumb fuck acted like he was a porn star and I’m sure the girl felt trapped at one point. He slapped her hard as fuck like multiple times. Fucking ass wipe


    1. Whether u like it or not, this is what the younger generation of experienced young girls want nowadays.
      And i dont see any evidence that she did or didn’t agree to anything. Dont make jugements based on just what you see in the video.



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