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  1. One of the amazing things about porn and having a sex life/sex drive is the fantasy. I loved this post, putting the captions next to a picture even if I’ve seen it before allows me to view it in a different light, maybe thinking of that girl as someone’s daughter is hotter than just seeing a picture of her without context. It’s called having an imagination/role play whatever. Yes it sucks that a post like this was free and is now premium especially because the content isn’t that intense, so that sucks and it’s a poor business tactic though I understand why he’s doing it. But as far as the content within, if you were able to see it, stfu. If you don’t like it then move on.

    1. Premium is now 40 dollars for life time use to 55, Your get everything. The reason why there is premium is the content is a bit extreme. Also, the reason why there is lack of weekly post is because of mean rude comment’s. I have told him to try not to let that bother him. This is business. Supply and demand sir! BTW. Yes, go ahead and do yourself a favor, get Premium.

      1. i can’t get it and i want it… i’ve been on this site for a while and i’ve been dying to get a peek at this premium content

  2. these captions are ridiculous. just leave the hot girl pictures alone. stop claiming your fucking your family. its fucked up. you are the only one that wants that. stop.

    1. not only that, we need more information on subject’s. people summit content, so leave some sort of hagtag so people know who these people or. It’s no fun to look thur a great site and get upset becuse you have no idea who she is.

  3. Bahaha the guy who had the joking comment about this turning into premium🤣 This site is just trolling us now

    1. wait until you get premium, you wont be saying that anymore. especially since 40 bucks will never run out until the site dies.

  4. Yo… if you don’t have anything good to post, tell us. Don’t disappear for a few weeks and come back with crap :/


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