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    1. love to see that…when mine was 12 her tits were just budding but her ass nice and fat. She was already wearing sexy panties and let me tell you they smelled so good! message me i got some pics..

      1. 13 or 14 are the best for a good DP… a rough hammering and those holes would be blown out! She wouldn’t know how to walk or sit the next day

  1. Love when preteens have these juicy well developed tits. I wanna suck on this girl’s nipples while my cock digs deep inside her tight asshole. I’d force my mature cock deep inside her and fill her deep with my hot seed. I’d also want to spray my load onto her young cervix. Id’d love to feel her ripe pussy milk my balls dry. Just looking at her sexy tits is making my cock throb and spurt precum that I wanna leak into her holes.

    1. preteens in general are the best! Some times in the mall i’ll see an 11 or 12 yo in victorias secret buying thongs…makes me want to cum right there!

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