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  1. does anyone know what train is behind the girl in #5? I see a U-Bahn icon and a tram icon, so it must be one of those


  2. I agree I been poking a 15 year old we have a secret thing no one knows about but yep they dress that way for reasons


  3. New content? Please don’t tell me your saving everything for the new site, and what about the people that got premium here? Will it carry over to the new site?


  4. Love the last set, see girls like her all the time 😊 in the mall. Used to feel guilty starring and getting excited but finalized realized they do that on purpose. I was at my friends house and his cousins same age I think was getting ready for the mall. They went from average looking teen girls to super looking sluts looking for attention. Omg either their ass cheeks was hanging out or cameltoe hanging out. They stayed in the mirror for about an hour until they knew what and how much was hanging out and just about everything was showing. I have to admit i was hoping some one would take pics and i would see them on here a few days or months later, fingers still crossed. Ohh and i was ease dropping on their conversation they were talking about the dirty looks and stares they got last time they went to the mall and how fun it was from all the attention. One even referenced having the Kardashian appeal and mentioned staying away from one of the shops, one of the workers have angled a mirror to look up girls shorts and dresses. One of the girls said oh yeah we should go their first I have nothing on under neath,i wonder what’s going to bulge first his pants or his eyes and they all laughed and called her a slut. She said what ever i know y’all have done it too dont act knew to me. She said besides all my favorite thongs are dirty and i hate wearing panties with tight clothing and having your pantie lines show, looking like a little girl. Few mins later hopped in the car and drove to the mall, after seeing them purposely dress slutty and loving the action they get, i know longer feel guilty and now hope they catch me staring.


    1. Omg, you are so right. They love it. I like getting hard while I stare at them. And I like it when they see! I also love going to the beach and going into the porta john at the oceanfront. I can masturbate while I watch them layout in their little bikinis … just feet away.


    2. Lol you’re so full of shit just STFU. And if you aren’t full of shit you’re a fucking pussy for not taking the pics and creeping on them yourself.



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