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    1. I really love these pics , they are so random and the girls don’t know you are getting their pics . I love to go to the laundry mat and sniff and lick their dirty panties when they bring in their clothes , sometimes l borrow them long enough to masturbate with as i’m licking their man’s crusty cum off the crotch . Mmmm l love cum !!

  1. Y’all need to repent of your sexual sin and turn away from it, the flesh is only temporary. TEMPORARY SIN IS NOT WORTH ETERNAL PUNISHMENT. We all face God when you die, repent while you still can!

  2. I feel kind of bad for some of the guys taking these. They’re out and see a girl who they’re intensely attracted to and really want to talk to meet and fuck. But they’re too scared. They walk up. Pussy out but take pics instead so they can go jerk off alone. I’m glad they post the pics online so thanks. But I’d like to remind everyone that a lot of these girls when they’re old enough are horny and adventurous and may find you attractive based on having the courage to walk up to her and tell her she’s beautiful or hot or whatever. A lot of these photographers could probably fuck some of these girls if they tried.

    1. LOL you are misinformed, I fuck 29 girls, I’m 25 years old and attractive, I have a baby mama and a girlfriend AS WE SPEAK, But I get geeked up every once in a while on meth or Adderall or something, and I video girls ass’s then Lmao, otherwise, when I’m sober I think it’s weird as fuck LOL😂

    2. So you’re saying they are not set ups with guys just taking a picture of their girl?
      Niiiice! Fap Fap Fap.

  3. Anyone have a vip log in for ANONME?? Would love some help if you guys would check a post for me to see if they have the girls I’m looking for, which they probably do

  4. Repent of your sins, and put your trust in Jesus Christ. Guys I was here at one point too, I’m back to tell you it is possible through God to overcome lustful desires. This is wrong, and God takes sin seriously, so please, you don’t know when you will die and if you die in your sin you will end up in hell, that’s why we need Jesus!

      1. Jesus gave women for us because he saw man was with out. God is good. Not everyone here is sinful. read the disclaimer or get off the site sir.

        1. Believing in the one true god is not a religion, its a relationship with God.

          Theres a difference you unclultured swine…

  5. Can someone share a premium LG & PW? I got a few pics of cute young Latinas in highschool and in the market i can share. E male me using the name of this comment at G mail

  6. Who on here know what happen to candid fashion Police. I was subscribe to him. Then the site when down. I heard it had some thing to do with the shooting they had in Ohio.

    1. I was getting Happy there for a moment. Same shit I already have. My folder has her friend tho and some other extra shit. It’s good.

  7. Mate when you post content like this I just want to hug you, other times I just want to bang my head in. Great job, this set is legendary

    1. If you subscribe to the site, your get a notification in your mailbox when a post is released. Look at teens messing around. There’s some bonus content when your subscribed.

    1. 4 how long we want to see something good. Mostly videos. Like candid fashion. Tumblr has a lot of good content.

        1. I’m sure this site has a lot of visitors. You telling me no one is submitting images and videos. You know you get paid for giving him content. We should not have to wait so long for content to be released. I would say this site is in good standing if the guy would post more often or at least keep updated.

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