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  1. ok, be honest… who keeps coming back here for 16? lmao

    i loved jacking off to that with pornhub on the other tab.
    my fav creepshot

  2. Welp chat is back so if anybody got shi like #16 or anything good in general dm me on insta @ caleb_southl

    1. I tried to make myself fap to it and couldn’t. We don’t need to make up new genres here , keep posting the good stuff you usually do

    2. Yep. Pretty gay stuff. Which is fine generally, if you like that. But it’s not what we’re used to here.

  3. If any of u are into feet I got TONS of pics I from teen girls that I’ve collected over the years 🙂 cheap too. Message me on my insta @feetbuyer94

  4. Okay, someone explain to me how #16 is hot? It’s just some dumbass who can’t ride down the slide the right way.

    1. Cause her nice ass makes me wanna do so many things to her and make me wanna stretch her out nice and good with my cock

  5. Nah fuck every cunt defending #16 that shits too fucking young no matter how fucking old you are. You cunts make coming onto this site unbearable

  6. Listen I’m ending this debate once and for-all. For all the creepy older men saying “take what you want, I want to lure them in” etc thats fucked up. But somebody like me for instance who appreciates pictures like #16 and yes has a sexual attraction doesn’t have these cruel thoughts nor would ever act upon them. That being said, times have changed and the legal age of consent is 18 and everybody should follow that no exceptions. All I’m saying is everybody has tastes and thats fine, but just don’t make it weird or crude. I’m not hating but if you have those thoughts keep em to yourself, and if you really want it, seek some help. -Grow up (the same guy in the last posts)

      1. First you don’t make money off of dick pics is because your dick/body isn’t hot, and if you were given a hot body like these girls on insta you would do the same exact thing lmao

    1. Yeah if you are under 18 its fine to be attracted to #16. That guy was having some fantasy and it’s whatever I don’t blame him. If ur an adult and attracted to kids thats bad, if your a kid attracted to a kid, not so bad. But yeh if that guy was like 14/15 who cares I don’t blame him. Look, we are all on this site bc we’re horny lets be honest.

    2. In Canada, The legal age of consent is 16, and 16 year olds can have legal sex with anyone 14 and up, the more you know and all that

    3. Well said! Some days ago I see a link someone shared and clicked. Boy was that page fucked up. Basically naked underage girls. Good thing Teen Lover deleted the comment.

      I appreciate the body of girls who are 16 and on. It sexually speaking, age of consent (in my country 18) is a hard must not up for discussion.

    1. Okay… using your “power” to control 13 year old girls to slobber on your greasy chode is fucked up. The only thing that’ll ever fuck you is your hand. Also using your logic of “old enough to bleed” you want to fuck babies so maybe work on that catchphrase

    1. The reason why in ancient times people were married/fucking at 13 was because the average life expectancy was 25. So as soon as you’ve hit puberty you’re expected to start banging. Legal age is moved to 18 because that’s enough time for schooling and the brain to fully develop since the average life expectancy is much higher. Sorry for giving you a history lesson but maybe if you paid more attention to school rather than just trying to get laid you would know this.

      1. I know the reason fat ugly lesbians changed it.

        Doesn’t change my cocks need to fuck 13yo girls, my cock has a mind of its own.

    1. Where did the tiktok #3 post go? That redhead was cute af! It’s bad enough you lock down almost all the posts under a paywall, STOP TAKING DOWN THE FREE SHIT. The site claims to be for “Free” images and cockblocking all the time is frustrating.

  7. People be complaining ab #16. Like bruh you’re on this sight too. Doesn’t matter how young its all the same category. Who are you to judge when you’re doing something w literally jus a different person in the same category?

    1. Actually this is a site about creepshots/candids which is why I come. I don’t I’m under 18 so its not as weird but still anything under like 16 I’ll get straight off of coz it’s disgusting

  8. we need elle goodmann stuff. its the girl sucking her bro. Everyone requests it. If someone has the mega or file pls share

      1. maybe if u believe anything u read on 4chan lol. any moron can google her name and see nothing like that comes up.

      2. That’s just the theory she was blackmailed, she probably is just a kinky motherfucker and did all that because it was her fetish

    1. Is her brother on his knees in the video of her sucking him off? And she has black hair and glasses? Just making sure that’s the right one?

  9. Other then here what are some other good sites for young creep shots? Ideally thong line through yoga pants? Any others?

    1. According to world population studies, a total of approximately 108 billion people have lived on this planet throughout history. Assuming that the average lifespan of all these people was 25, there has been about 2.7 trillion years of life. If we multiply this by the number of days in a year (365), there is a total of 985,500,000,000,000 days of life (985.5 trillion days). Not once in any of those days did anybody ask.


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