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  1. How do we see the little girl with the black shorts where the second photo is blocked? Pleas tell me now she is dick drugs. Tell me now tell me now

  2. OMG the girl in the class room with red t-shirt and black cotton shorts in school. I can’t believe that’s okay to wear in school, i am surprise teen pregnancy isn’t on the rise. I bet she didn’t wear any cotton panties either, i bet the little slut has nothing on and probably has her shorts sticking to her lips from her cunny hole dripping with excitement from all the attention and dirty looks from the math teacher lol

      1. Okay here is my rebuttal:
        Why would you say that, have you been to a high school recently OMG, what MOST of them wear is not G rated. Besides i read in an article that some school have banned leggings as wear as pants, they said it was distracting the students and TEACHERS. You know girls that age love attention and not sex, so there for I call them attention sluts. Look at all these post they are not fake or the girls purposely wore the clothes for the known candid shoot. What you see hear is what they really wear to school and you know more than some is wearing them with out panties or thong. With all that attention and hormones going something going to be sticky and wet if not there panties. Remember when you was a teen boy and you couldn’t keep that thing down it had a mind of its own even when you was not thinking sex. If we couldn’t keep it down do you think the girls could stop themselves for being horny NO. So you know they stayed creamy and sticky, add they know they are dressing to show off for attention and known fact girls think of sex 5 times more than guys. What you think that starts at the age of 18, if you think that then you are retarded or mentally challenged.

  3. Drake please for the love of this website, if you dont give us the password for the protected stuff i will leave

  4. Drake please for the love of this website, if you dont give us the password you will lose the people who send you stuff


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