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  1. Actual content when? Instead of deleting posts within a day or two. Not a great way to make money..

    Anyone have a discord server for real shit?

    1. You’re here too, champ.

      Or did you accidentally stumble here while doing research for your essay titled “Holier Than Thou”, perchance?

      Whoever the audience is, people become displeased if content which is promised and used as a site’s selling point is rarely delivererd, if at all.

      Just a thought.

      1. moms baskettit all over reddit, cant believe ill say it. wow the webs gone cold, youre all super old. what are u doin creepin on lil kids when you could be cleaning out the skids (in ur lil thongs)

  2. Whoever runs this site needs to let someone else run it. Or let everyone post content so we can at least have new stuff every few days.. not once every 3 months. I’m getting tired of these selfie
    Pictures being posted. Where the creepshots at??

  3. Dude, look at the comments. Barely anyone likes this. I’d rather wait for a longtime for good content like ACTUAL creepshots and girls messing around than these crooked-toothed vamps

  4. This post should be called 1/20 as in 1 in 20 is worth jacking off to. British girls are fucking ugly as shit. All the fake tan and foundation put on with a putty knife, makes me want to barf. I hope they all get raped by a crowd of black guys.

  5. Everyone I know the content on this site sucks now but stop fucking complaining about every god damn post Teen Lover doesn’t owe you anything at all he doesn’t have to post these but he does so stop whining and bitching

      1. A pejorative term for the UK that describes an “anti-social” youth. Rebellious “antisocial”, non com-formative, not like someone with Aspergers. A chav is essentially the UK version of a “Chad Bro Hollister Douchebag” except they wear sports close like track suits and shit. Chav girls usually just dress super slutty.

  6. When was the last time a candid was posted on here..? Should really change the name of this site if this is all that’s going to be posted


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