30 thoughts on “Sexy High School Teen in Leggings VTL

  1. Hmm, use to be more reliable. D – is this sites grade because they still have some free content, but you use to be at a STRONG A.

  2. I don’t wanna be that guy…cuz you know…I have premium lol. But dude, if you make premium available for people to get, you are gonna get a lot of money lol.

  3. This site is ass. Everything is premium and there’s no way to get premium. Fucking bullshit.

    1. You’re on this very same website, and you clicked on this post…. I don’t know how you can call everyone else a pervert.

        1. You typed this website into your browser, knowing what you were about to see, and you still call other people perverts.

          1. You had a golden goose. Now you have a bag of shit. Turn it back to the way it was with the old pw and you might save it, but it’s in its death throes.

  4. Heads up. Your business model is flawed.. If people can’t possibly access the premium then no premium content should be showing up for people. Make it invisible to all people without premium. You are merely alienating your audience and making them turn away from the site and premium altogether. When i see these posts, it doesn’t make me go “Oh hey how can i get premium”. It makes me go “Oh hey, no section to set up premium? Gone”. Either you are a horrible coder or just lazy


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