Short Candid Clips #5 (Video Playlist)


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  1. What I do to take creep shots is turn my phones brightness down, so a slow motion video and just hold it by my side, it is very unnoticeable and you can get really close. I have suck good stuff.

    1. Especially if it’s bright, when the brightness is down it looks off. or get an app that records while the screen is black. I’ve found some of those but they all cost some money

    2. yeah, idk why more people don’t try this more often; i have great content, and all i do is take my android, silence all incoming notifications, and record; i have a phone that has a front cover, so that helps, too!

  2. If anyone speaks spanish, can you translate clip #2? I think I got “wait a minute” from her, but it sounds like he got caught lol


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