Short Candid Clips #6


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  1. Girl in the 4th video clearly wants to be fucked. She went out in a short skirt with no panties. Someone should bend her over and ruin her to teach the little slut to stop being such a cock tease

  2. This shit is the stuff of legends….especially the ones from school. Just tell me where to send my fucking money and it’s yours!!! Just keep it coming!!!!!! Some faces would be nice, tho 🙂

    1. I need help getting to this level I don’t have a phone but I just need a spy camera or pen and I’ll get whatever I can for you even upskirts 😉

  3. 4th one can’t be real.. First of all, girls in high school are struggling with adolescence and this period is not a healthy period for men or women. There is instability in thoughts and behaviors. A girl in high school is starting to get to know her own body. There is much more to learn. this is a period of learning. very good sex is not to expect that my personal experience has always been in this direction. The porn industry has placed this ım phenomenon bil in our open-minded subconscious rather than in fine. even seeing the uniform will portray the sex appeal of a man’s mind, because he has seen many movies of women who have made love to many times, and he has committed to his subconscious. unconsciously, when he sees the girl in uniform calls the concept of subconscious sexism. In fact, college women are sexier because they are women now. learned his body and himself. knows the cons and pros. conceals or tries to correct the cons as much as possible; the woman in the university now has a stance. awareness is with him. is no longer aware that the woman. He is aware of men because he has learned (especially during adolescence). he knows what affects men, and what makes them think of sexiness, and if he gets in his eye, one, he gets it. whereas the high school girl, with her short skirt conscious or unconscious is after everyone.

  4. TL deleted their comment saying someone should post their account info and implying everything’s gonna be free from now on.

      1. Come on man, at least let us have free reign in our posts then, this has been a community for the longest time and you can’t just kill it

  5. guys stay strong. It’s No Nut November we can’t fail because of this. Just wait for Destroy Dick December is when all the juicy content will be available. So don’t stress

          1. I don’t have the motivation to post right now, but I assure you I have content and will post it eventually.

        1. man if your gonna stop posting stuff can you at least unlock the content here already so we can at least enjoy whats up since your not replying to anything hardly anymore its kindve fkd up

          1. Stop being greedy teen lover. Why do people have to send you all their content for you to hold it for yourself?

          2. Don’t stress man. Take all the time you need. We still have 23 days till destroy dick December

      1. Same site different format. This site has had a “message board” before were the users could share there own photos and stories. Ever since that was taken down the content being posted IMO has been very hit or miss.

  6. They don’t post anymore because they are enjoying that juicy stack of money they made from the people that paid for the Premium Access. They are probably traveling around the world. God…

  7. I bought Riley Reid’s thong from her website and sniff it all the time , wanna see a personalized pic I’ll email it to ya

  8. Is there any sort of notifications we get if you don’t plan on using a submission? just asking because thought I had a good one and I want that premium content lol

  9. God, I miss looking at the whaletails of the girls in front of me in class. Those chairs were practically made for that. Plus the girls were dumb as shit and wore low-riding/tight-fitting pants that slid down every time they so much as stretched. If I’d had a better camera on my phone back then…


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