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  1. Back to my little cousin. It wasn’t to long after that, that she stayed the night n passed out in my room on my bed… U already no I had some big big plans for that nice fat ass all night..😝💦 So i locked my bedroom door, turned on some rap/hiphop and took a couple shots n smoked a bowl nd she was face down on my bed ass hanging out(yes i got some pics of her cake) so every time i took a shot id smack her ass n she stayed asleep. Eventually i slid her shorts down n panties n slowly spread her nice fat ass booty apart n planted my face(tounge out)right in her giant fat ass. She never actually woke up but i ate her ass and pussy out for a good couple hours she keep moaning n cumming the whole time though and i busted 3 times that night on my bed while eating her sexy fat ass out. The next morning she just smiled at me and act like nothin happened lol. Awesome night

  2. Me n my little cousin 14 at the time and i was 18 started wrestling me for my ps4 controller n she jumped ontop of me and was trying to grab the controller, btw she is white with such a fat ass and skinny i instantly got rock hard n she knew n keep laughing and wrestling with me. Eventually i got her flipped over and planted my face right in her ass while she was in shorts. She keep the controller at this point and was playing while i keep putting my face in and out her ass till our parents came home we stopped

      1. Hopfully soon i will. She was just over and honestly that’s just 1 instant ive had some crazy sexual sistuations with her

  3. Try using your favorite search engine (with filters off of course) using the term ‘creep’ or ‘creepshots’, and maybe adding a description like ‘teen(s)’.

    You would be surprised at what you’ll see and some are even premium material.

    1. They posted teen Tuesday Monday for a few minutes. What’s up with this site? It’s friday. No creepshots. Just Instagram/YouTube videos?

  4. But where’s the teen Tuesday Post you just had up…!?!? I was waiting to get home to beat off but now I know I need to jerk it were ever need be before you take it down

  5. I love how he posts “creepshots” like the site says and makes it premium when he hasn’t posted in months good creepshots.

    1. It’s not even his content he took
      It from someone else and is making people pay the premium for it

  6. Her name is Brianna Haley, there’s a bunch of nnnn and yyyy in her insta but if you type her name in google it’s the first link, besides the video every single one of these pictures are just straight up stolen from her insta, if you liked her just go there, this is like a sneak peak for her instagram, which has every one of these photos and then some more, and it’s public, at least right now. I’m sure 99% of you are gonna think “if I hit her up out of absolute nowhere being a perverted freak to her, she’ll send me nudes” which she won’t, and then after the 10th douche she’ll private it all, so go get it while you can.

  7. Everyone shitting on teen lover forgetting he owns the website and could easily cuck us all by closing it down if we start raging…

    1. I’m not going to close the site down, but I have been thinking of making the site premium only. I don’t understand why I’m getting so many negative comments on every post. If you don’t like what I post, then don’t visit the site.

      1. Bro I don’t mind less frequent posting but I’m just curious on why you remove post after a day?

      2. I personally don’t mind what you post, I think it’s fine 😛 but also, like Anon12 said, you should let people submit stuff.

      3. Please don’t my man. But dude if you make the site premium at the very least lower the price like $10 – $15.

  8. Teen lover please let others post content. Clearly you don’t know what your doing and can’t run this website


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