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  1. I went to my friends house and went into his little sisters room, stole her used panties and rubbed my dick on the clean ones. Then I went to the bathroom and jizzed on her toothbrush

  2. Love the pics, specially the one pic in the fourth set, the first pic. The two girls sitting, one has a pink bikini on and on her cell phone. Was at the private pool this summer and caught a girl same age I think and sitting in the same position in the fold out chair on her phone with legs wide open. Except when she had scooted back her bikini was not as snug as the one in the pic and gap open. OMFG i froze in place i was able to see everything from the angle i was at. Her lips was smooth and not puffy all i saw was white lips with a tight pink slit, even with her legs wide open her lips was still closed and tight and the best was seeing her jelly bean size clit poking out of her pink slit. She was in her cell phone so much she didn’t notice what happened and me starring right up her bikini. What she was doing on her cell phone i think was making her horny. Not close enough to see her wet but close enough to see her very pink slit and clit half way popped out and two three times saw her stuff move as if she was doing keagle exercises. I don’t know if she was that horny or decided it was the perfect time too start pussy exercising. Bit it was exciting. Had a good view for about ten mins before she switched leg position but didn’t know she had given me a nice show.


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