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  1. I like how they removed my comment about how I am happy for not buying premium since this site is very poorly taken into consideration of the owners now. Nice! I’ll just go fuck my shrek fleshlight.

      1. Be sure to check once from time to time creespshots.org/login
        Owner doesn’t let anyone get it whenever they want, he opens up the login page from time to time so people can do it.
        I believe it was 20 dlls for life time premium, you buy a gift card from amazon and send it to the owner and you get it within a few days.

    1. Uh-huh… Yup… I will… I already loaded the dishwasher… Yup… Ok… Love you too… Bye.

      Aye bro I just got off the phone with chief and he wanted me to inform you that this ain’t it

  2. I bet your own daughters could be on this site, and you guys would see them and wish it was you who was gagging the shit out of them with your cock. Your little girls are probably out there getting creeped on by dudes just like you and I guarantee you people are blowing loads to her everyday

          1. I’d be fine if they were all 17-18 honestly, but isn’t a site with similar stuff that i’ve found

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