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  1. Anyone who posts sexually suggestive pictures of a blatantly 13 year old girl for scumbags to jerk off to deserves to die of an aneurysm with their pedo porn still on screen, so that his entire family can piss can forever piss on his name.

  2. sorry but wtf is this how old even she is on the left wait a minute i don’t fucking care i just wanna fuck her even if she might be 16 damn what an ass nigga.

  3. Anyone else notice the one girl is holding a strawberrita? Definitely some illegal teen partying happening, which means better pics 👍🏻

  4. Instead of making stuff premium and making people pay. Why not make the whole site free, and just get other websites to advertise. I know you get a shit load of traffic.

      1. No, but you are fucking dumb. Traffic does equal money. The more traffic you have, the more other company’s will want to advertise because there will be lots of people looking at said advertisements. Thus willing to pay teen lover money to advertise. First grade shit bro. Catch up.

  5. The drought has been quenched, I knew teenlover would pull through. You were all complaining while I waited for this silently. Thank you.


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