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  1. #28 looks no older than 16, yet has tits like that? Gee; I wonder why girls are losing their virginity at such a young age…

  2. I wonder how old #27 is. She’s yummy. I hope she’s only like 15. Makes my little cock hard.

    1. #27 is also called “deum0s” or “amanda marie”. Lots of vids of her out there.

  3. Sexy girl in picture 29 is my favorite I would anal sex her and vagina sex her with no condoms nonstop.

        1. Yo for real this guy is fucking stupid or gay I would definitely fuck the literal shit out of the girl with 13 balloon.

  4. I remember several young girls flashing me at the store, short skirts, with no bra freeing their pokey nipples, where I worked and hitting on me for some cock. For they all got more cock than they bargained.

  5. no wonder why girls these days lose their virginity at ages like 13 and 14 , they know everything about sex and relationships plus their pussies are more than capable to take dicks from males in their ages or 2-7 yo older

    1. I agree. I’ve actually fucked 2 16 yo girls in my life and they both wanted older dick and I held one down and came inside her

  6. Tbh #4 is like 13 i went to school with her last year and she got dick all day everyday so did the girl who was with the 13 baloons

  7. Yknow, morally this isn’t actually that wrong for most of us. A very large portion of those on this site are also underage and let’s be honest, isn’t it weirder for 16 y/os to be fapping to 40 y/os rather than ppl their own age?

    1. Yeah im young too honestly only on here to see girla my age not porn stars that are old enough to be my parents

  8. Those girls in the black and white leggings and the all black go to my school at maine west. One sits next to me and is so hotttt. Thanks for the picture!!

  9. Sent him some pretty good stuff I took, but he hasn’t replied and I have a good amount more. We’ll see

      1. That’s why I say. Is not fair that these like girls can look so sexy and expect us not to wanna fuck them. I jerk off to all these young sluts

  10. I will forever hate myself for not fucking JB’s at 16. Forreal tho. Even If I fucked one right now(legally), I wouldn’t be satisfied that much.


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