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  1. I would love to fuck all three of those teens in the pic where they all have their ass and pussies out. Best looking young pussies I’ve ever seen

    1. Number 9 is beautiful😍 I would pound that tight ass everyday whether she liked it or not! She’s so perfect for a breed slut! I would tie her up and absolutely rail her every day! If she made a sounds I would shove my cock down her throat!! I don’t care if she is 15, 13 10 or 8 if I saw her on the street she is getting kidnapped for sure! Dumb bitch!

  2. Wow would Id be putting babies inside all these girls. Especially #4, 5, 8, 10, 13, 20, 25, 31, 34, 36, 38 & 41. All those girls would definitely be popping out lots of my babies.

        1. I don’t care what anyone says these young girls are way too sexy and I’m gonna always fuck them and jerk off to them please post more

  3. dm my Insta @allmallard2002 with links for hs/ms creepshots and hot pics of the girls in them, I’m a girl so they share unknowingly

  4. Does anyone else have an addiction to masturbating? Sometimes I pull over when driving just to masturbate. I also dream about masturbating and wake
    Up and masturbate some more. Shit even the word masturbate makes me want to masturbate right now so bye fellas imma go fuck my hand.

    1. Same but masturbation has ruined my life. I started to masturbate when i was 7. Me and my cousin used to watch porns at that time. We were impressed by porn and said to ourselves: why don’t we just try what they do. My cousin and I were male, we didn’t know how wrong it was, and we had intercourse with each other. From that day on, I never talked about this situation again with my cousin. I like girls, but sometimes I wonder if I’m gay. Maybe I’m both, I mean asexual. After this event, I continued to be addicted to porn in high school and mid school after the school finised I was constantly watching porn and masturbated. My social life has fucked. 0 social activities since I was a child. I always struggled to having a friends. I haven’t been outside for 3 years because of my masturbation addiction. Seriously I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I just wanted to get it off my chest. Maybe thats because I’m totally retarded autistic low IQ useless piece of shit.

      1. seriously Stop Doing Drugs you Idiot……stop posting Psychological Panels on a Perverted hebephiliacs Voyueristic Blog Site to complete Strangers.
        TIP: mast’ didn’t ruin your life. YOU did because your an incompetent incomplete idiotic Degenerate Stupid Fuck.

  5. No negativity, is premium worth getting? Just getting annoyed of waiting 3 weeks for 1 post. Let me know guys!

  6. I thought teen Tuesday meant teens not girls in their early 20s that could be passed off as a teen

      1. Bitch complaining about being a pedo and the title says they’re supposed to be teens when they’re prolly just young adults. Stfu m8

    1. No I don’t watch any movies. I prefer fapping to these creepshots everyday because I’m useless in life.

  7. Anyone know the Insta of the bitch with the 13 balloons? And the 15 year olds? They are firecrackers


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