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  1. Okay I see lots on hear say pics are of girls to young etc but you on hear to look at teen ass and they going to be young that’s what you hear for enjoy I look daily as my step daughter wears her tight shorts on her 14 year old ass so enjoy it

    1. That’s gross that you look at your 14 year old step daughter I’m on here because I’m 13 looking for girls the same age or a little older

    1. I too was wondering if it was worth it & let me tell you yes it is worth it lol. He’s a bit busy now but he has a lot of content to post soon & you’re going to want premium for that! For now he has more than enough content to enjoy until hes fully back! I love his content!

  2. By adding this layer of security to the comments you have ruined the way our community shares what you won’t give us.
    Good job buddy

      1. the truth is that there are these modeling agencies that will basically take super young girls like her (and younger) slap them in lingerie and they call it “no-nude modeling”. It’s not illegal technically and I know this is a “teen creepshot” website that we are all on (yes including me) BUT photos like that 2nd to last girl are like honest 10 year olds and younger, in thongs, who didn’t want to do it but their parents made them do it cause of the money. So it is a little fucked up taking a picture from that source because it’s not a creep shot. It’s a little girl in lingerie surrounded by adults telling her to pose in awkward uncomfortable positions while they photograph her.

      2. She is a 11-12 year old Girl, she comes from the Agency called “Star Sessions” there even is a Video with her where you can see her Tits. Prob on an FBI watch list now but there ya go.

      1. Either screenshot or use the Clip or Cut or Scissors tool on PC. I forget the name of the tool, you’ll find it tho.

      2. You can drag the picture to another tab on desktop. Then from there you can remove the resolution in the url to get the highest quality

      1. The 2nd to last in the pink garters, i almost came and wasnt even touching myself. Id impregnate her in under 15 secs

    1. A gold mine dude? Do you understand what we as people mean when we reference something as a gold mine? That IG has like 12 terrible photos.

      1. well it’s the comments of other girls that are great because a majority of them are freshmen in high school and a lot of their own pages are public or have a vsco that’s public, 1 had at least 7 or 8 ass pics in a row.

        1. Bruh what are you smokin? I spent maybe 2 hours goin from comment to comment checking each insta. Those girls are either fake accounts with at most 9 photos or they’re real but private. The only real-non private accounts I found were parent run lol. Sophiakents insta is a waste of time unless fully clothed 12 year olds are your thing.

  3. everyone gets angry when there are no posts but when TL posts everyone starts sucking his dick all of a sudden. pick your side

      1. yeah well that can’t be regular can they?? rather have amazing content now and then rather than basic shit every week

    1. I mean idk if anyone wants it but the 41st girl goes to my school and her insta is karalyndavis and her vsco is karalyndavis


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