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  1. Yes, I was at the beach last summer and they seem to flock like Seagulls. Every where I looked there were young women and or girls, not many guys at all. 2 groups of 6 gals were on both sides of me, after I found a spot, no more than a a few feet away. They were mostly in their late teens and early 20’s and none were shy about their penis envy of my Speedo bulging. I had my legs spread to the sea in my tight red Speedos, balls sunk in the cool sand. I stood up in front of them and put on a Chip& Dales twerking my dangling dingo. They splashed my swollen cock poking out the top with a cold wine cooler, the were drinking and 2 girls came over to ease the tension orally under a big beach towel. They all took turns under the towel and some even brought snacks. For me, the hottest sex on the beach ever 😉

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