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  1. My favorite pic is the girls dressed alike in silver shorts flashing us a nice panty flash. They look like full cotton panties I bet they were wet and sticky at the end of the night. But knowing me, if i knew them i would have been in her room sniffing and using her other used cotton panties to help lighted my load and leaving them full of man cream.

      1. I see why that thong and black shorts is wedged deep in their ass, i bet they have to peel thier thongs from their sticky lips since they shave too. I hope they go to sleep like that i bet lil bro or lil bro friends jerked off to them while passing their room. When i was a teen i caught my friend’s older sister asleep in her room like that door wide open with her ass out, didn’t know if she had thong or nothing on, jerked to that image in my head for a year.


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