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  1. I would have my nose in between those ass cheeks while tasting that teen pussy.. 14-17 is the BEST age for some tight pussy.

  2. I hate to break you hearts but I found this girl on IG and she has the boyfriend in university now. Trust me these photographs are more revealing that anything she posting up there now!

  3. It took me every bit of 10 minutes to locate her and now follow on IG. Her school is clearly visible in at least one of the photographs. Some of you amature pervert need to learn how to find girl.

  4. I been having a thing with a younger teen and she is good in bed pussy so tight I give her money to go to mall for ass

    1. Use to on mommys toothbrush. In her milk, creamer, yogurt, lotion, panties, even on her while she slept

    1. I have creepshots I’ve taken of see thru and thing slips that I’ve seen while I was in school that would put this soft shit to shame. None of these have ever been seen before (my original content). Follow the tumblr β€œwestquester” and dm for them. Some of the thongs these girls would wear were so small they were practically begging for some guy to bend them over their desk and give them a hard fucking.

      1. I have insane sets of 15 pics for each girl (each is $10. You won’t be disappointed). Dm me for Venmo details.

      2. If you read my blog’s bio I run it on the fair treatment of all content so I respect deals and arrangements so I won’t fuck anyone over. I follow through.

  5. If I saw this slut in my school wearing that outfit I would take her to the restroom and bend her over. tear a hole in her leggings and her panties and start fucking her. She would most likely enjoy it especially if she is wearing clothing like that teasing men all the time . When I am done I will come in her pussy giving her my seed and possibly impregnating her.

    1. Hey, hey.. Let’s keep it clean. Unlike how I’d hope her ass is when I tongue bathe it.. slobber all over it.

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