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    1. Heres a taste. Simple for more: just like the post.
      h ttps://

  1. who is the indian girl in the skirt with the panty shot and cleavge vaping and bending over . i think it’s vid 13. she is so hot. i need more!!!

  2. Who is that in numvet 8?? Thats so fucking hot and slutty ill pay anything for more do you got onlyfans?

  3. Vid #8 who are they???????
    I’d take turns plowing them, those types need to be broken into a few hours everyday tbh.

    1. Hah more like videos 2 6 and 12 omg i wish I was back in high school I miss teen pussy so bad honestly even 20 year old I datedon’t look as good as 14-17 girls the law should switch to 15 so until your like 25 u can be with a teenager hate that I am 22 and would be called a creep for finding a 15 year old sexy

    1. That Asian has an ass that’s begging for anal. Whoever bends that over needs to have their face buried In her cheeks or he is wasting a perfect young ass.

    1. Especially when they have permissive parents that lt them do what they want and let me pick them up after school to take them home to play with

  4. I would fuck the hell out of that asian teen In the fourth one. Fuck her small teen pussy with my big dick while licking her tiny boobies. When time would come, i would turn her back, spread her legs and brutally fuck her in her tiny ass until i would cuuummm like sick. The amount of cum that would run out of it…

  5. On wiker send to receive Only good content! Teens messing around vids and teen nudes 🙏🏽

    1. Im not complaining, but do these young perfect women not realize that once u put stuff on the internet its on there for good? I definitly loved the first vid tho, especualy when the chick was grabing her pussy so it wouldnt slip out.

  6. I legit just had the best jack off of my life. I went into my 22 year old hot asf cousins room, took her panties and used them to Jack off my cock while my cock was hovering over her bras and other panties. I came hard into a tissue while her dirty panties were still around my cock. Just felt like I was spraying all over her bras. They were dirty too. My cousin has a perfect fat round ass that I stare at constantly when she wears yoga pants or a bikini. I try to take creep shots of her as much as possible. Literally the most perfect/best ass I’ve ever seen.

      1. Where. Also I did it again today. Stole her panties and jacked off my cock with them. I wanted to cum in them really badly but I couldn’t be caught putting them back with cum in them. But basically I got nice angles of her ass without her noticing and jacked it so hard.

      1. Where has anyone said that they want it back? Is there some secret chat I should know about? 😉

  7. Spot the nip slips. Triller thots.

  8. You know i love your content it’s just amazing but the only thing i hate is that there is almost na activity on this website i mean we didn’t see something good in the last couple of weeks everybody is sitting at home waiting for you to finally post but you almost never post like this shit so he maybe can let us share our creepshots

    1. What do you mean? I went through all these videos and there’s nothing “black” about them? Stereotypically most people, unfortunately, see black people as gang-bangers or low life’s. But there’s legit nothing stereotypically “black” about this bro. Unless you’re saying acting hoe-ish is black every white teen on Tik tok should be at least half black.

      1. “Most people” see black people as gang-bangers or low life’s? “Most people” aren’t racist

  9. I understand that times are hard and everything but are you really too busy to post? Everyone is stuck inside we just want some quality jerking content

      1. WTH, I’m in the USA, you are 2 hours and 2 minutes ahead, I can understand hours but not minutes, you be time traveling

  10. No way american bitches are this fucking stupid… This shit was unattractive as hell. Freaking retarded tongues out and shaking their butt like retarded little dogs. Bet these bitches are one hell of a maintanance…. I feel sorry for their future husbands/boyfriends

    1. lol your comment alone shows what a dumb ass you are… all chicks around the world like to do this stuff and lets be real we all love to watch em shake their asses bet u watched every video and still have come back to this page after the fact lol stop talkin smack for no reason and yo for real their just having fun and young ever heard of it lmfao

  11. Interested to know how many of the people on this site are over the age of 30 compared to people under 18

    1. Just go to triller typenin twerkteam17 and go to who their following and click on their accounts everything on there is better then this

      1. Whoever made the hot Asian delete her vids before I saw them….there is a special place in hell for you sir

      1. let me know on instagram when you’ve finished with it @jesusarmonda or if anyone wants to send me some

  12. It’s amazing how many people come here to this young girls site to ream out others for visiting the exact same young girls site.

  13. These servers are lame as fuck. No one is going to waste time trying to invite people. Just post a fucking link

  14. God young girls today are just irredeemable, I like this as much as the next guy but surely there’s some other guys out there who just find this disappointing too, right?

  15. My favorite is vid5 / vid6 / vid8
    Vid5- love how her ass eats her bikini and at the end she has the fastest camel toe

    Vid6- the girl in the grey shorts is wearing nothing under her shorts, right at 4 -5 seconds you see a wet slick stain when her legs are open and she is getting on top of the girl and 8 seconds a very fat cameltoe. I wonder how creamy she left those shorts at the end of the day.

    Vid8- that Asian girl with the shorts up her ass she has no thong or panties lines, all that ass smacking probably got her wet too. Who ever finds their shorts is going to have a good time with them

  16. The girls from #8 and #23 can be found at polissss (incredibly sexy brunette) and victorovna (her Asian friend) on Triller. Both accounts have incredible content, similar to what’s seen here. Thank me later.

  17. The girls from videos #8 and #23 can be found on Triller at polissss (incredibly sexy brunette) and victorovna (her Asian friend). Both accounts have some amazing content similar to what’s seen here. Thank me later.

    Enjoy yourself, and don’t leave any weird comments that scare them off. That ruins everything for all of us.

    1. You’re beating off to underage girls but the trap music you find offensive?
      Strange times we live in now

  18. I recommend everyone to get triller! So much good JB content. Just search some common tags like twerk or even just go by songs

  19. All great videos must say video 4 the girl looks hot in that white bra with dark skin. Video 6 is a great JB video and Video 9’will have me hard for days wow what a JB.

  20. Whoever runs this site I will buy the premium if you make more content like this Sometime this week.


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