Triller Thots #2 (26 Vids)

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    1. Those girls in the 1st one, I can’t stop jerking off to those hotties! They are gorgeous!
      That age and younger, WOW!

  1. Googling googly-eyed girls to get inside golly gee from GlasGow to Guatemela's gentrified says:

    anyone know their names at 14. #12 especially that chick on the right she got a pretty face

  2. THOT#11 is the hottest video in this list and the hot gal with penis envy can be my gal o top any time;-p

  3. So glad to see blue shorts in 14 get some love. Those sexy skinny little legs and the way she wiggles that cute behind. Made a mess to that so many times

  4. #12 i would tie both them up and make there family watch me fuch them till they are shaking on the ground

    1. The girl in the video 5 on the right with the gray shorts and those delicious legs i would penetrate the literal shit out of her asshole with no condom obviously all day all night forever.

  5. All you guys hitting on the girl with braces on the left on #5 but personally I think the girl on the left is way hotter

  6. Those tight sluts in video 12 can get it hard and deep, especially blue shorts on the right.

  7. Nothing as ghetto as chicks thinking they are actually doing something sext by twerking. Enjoy a life of welfare, abuse and single parenthood. Enjoy things while mommy and daddy still think you have a shot in life.

  8. id love to know the name of that sexy blondy on the right with her tight ass ! on vid #1 where can i find more clips !

    1. Amen brother! As would I. Girls that age r sexy as hell and they turn me on so much they r simply beautiful

  9. Girls in the video 14 are my type and will make a very good threesome for me I’d be penetrating her vagina hole and her butt hole with my raw penis Non-Stop.

      1. How old is the girls? We were playing Me and my frends was playing the omegle points game back when we was 12. I duno how old the guys who were showing the difrent levels were lol. It was all anonmous ne wayz

    1. Amen brother! As would I. Girls that age r sexy as hell and they turn me on so much they r simply beautiful

  10. There are besides all the asses and tongues also a few really good rap tracks there I find. or am I just so ass-manipulated?

    1. I hate how the chicks without ass has to subsutute twerking with jumping, its so cringe. But still made me nut.😜

  11. Wow video #7 the girl wearing purple damn 👅💦 seriously i want her badly just looking at her tiny little ass barely covered up got me thick. She wouldn’t like it if I saw her home alone dressed and dancing like that through her window yeah I would definitely knock on her door when she opens up I would immediately grab her to me cover her mouth let myself in lock the door leading her to the back of the house door for an easy escape if her parents come home. I start pulling down her tiny shorts as im kissing on her neck she isn’t fighting it as I sit down she follows right into my lap she feels my hard thick cock pressing on her little ass i whisper in her ear you are mine now lil baby girl pulling her shorts and panties down I force her to lay down on her back as i grab her little ankles and fold her legs back and wide locking her in this position as I start licking sucking on her little slit and asshole she starts moaning for me after 20 minutes of eating she leaked out plenty of cum for me to eat up with her multiple organisms finally she is now opened up like a little flower and her little asshole i fingered nicely ending with 3 fingers inside her as I finished licking sucking her pussy I pull my cock out and with out warning I put it right into her tiny cunt rubbing my cock’s head hard into her tiny little hole her little lips are barely able to open enough for me as I press into her harder she starts to squirming around trying desperately to pull away from my cock but she is locked into position no escape as she starts to cry pleading with me to stop its hurting please stop please stop ok baby I say to her i pull my cock back and inspect her slit licking it as im looking at her man my cock head hasn’t even passed between her lips yet I see she is starting to get puffy a little swollen now from me pushing forcing my cock head up in between her im sure its like I’m trying to shove my cock down a garden hose now its been over an hour its been to long so I take my cock in my hand spit on her cunt as start to rub my cock into her again im feeling her leaking out cum on my cock head I grab the back of her neck firmly in my left hand as I press my cock into her hard as she starts crying squirming pleading with me to stop so I just start french kissing her I finally feel my cock head passing into her little by little then pull it out just to shove it right back after 15 minutes I feel my cock finally pop into her ripping through her hymen she screams out loud begging for it to be over oh no baby girl as I pull out slowly my cock head makes a delicious pop sound like someone clicking their tongue off the roof the their mouth hearing that got my cock harder as I shove it right back into her I watch her toes curl up tightly with the pain I tell her its only an in inch and half inside her I still have 5 inches to go baby girl i tell her she will take it all inside her as I start to pump slowly im constantly popping in and out making her squirm and squeal with every thrust into her as I pull it out again I pull her face closer to my cock and tell her to open up and clean the blood off my dick then I flip her on her stomach fold her legs up under her belly giving me a perfect opening to take advantage of i lick on her asshole quickly then spitting directly on it as I take my cock and shove it right up into her little asshole stretching it to her max she is screaming now as I shove her face into the couch to quiet her a little as I slap her tiny little ass cheak hard leaving my hand print I grab both ass checks spreading them nice and wide for me to see as I pull out hearing the pop I see her little hole stretched open as her ashole flickers I have a taste of her asshole cum delicious baby doll as I shove it back into her hearing her scream out in pain made me more rough with her forcing her to take every inch as my balls slap her pussy hard finally she took it all in one of her holes I tell her that’s it sweetheart just like that as I pound her little asshole good and hard for 10 minutes I pull out she is stretched nicely I then clean her up eating her asshole clean as I take my cock and stick it back inside her little pussy I feel where I stopped inside her its like im hitting another barrier inside her beside her hymen so I just tell her to get ready for pain as im fucking her with only the tip of my cock I want to go deeper inside and I don’t care how much it hurts her anymore im ready to bust my fat nut inside her nice and deep thats exactly what I’m doing I take her and force her ass in the air so I have the perfect angle to drive myself deeper into her as I’m fucking her hard im pushing my cock deeper down inside to her listening to her cry louder the deeper I go just got me so excited to finish so i take her the rest of my cock finally inside all the way she is begging me to stop since I’m all the way inside her I just laugh and say almost baby girl then I start to pound her pussy hard with fast long strokes for another 20 minutes just fucking her virgin pussy like a porn star would oh oh oh baby girl oh baby yes as I pull her hard as fuck down on my cock I explode all the way down inside her cumming hard on her ovaries holding my cock deep down inside her for a few minutes making sure she was seeded pulling out i watch her pussy pucker open and close continually as my cum starts to drip and make its way out she is crying still as I tell her that this is our secret tell no one about what just happened to you’re holes baby girl i will be watching you as I threatened her I drag her to the shower and man she is walking all fucked up like she has been abused i tell her what to say if asked hurt herself dancing when she is in the shower I scrubb her down real good finger both holes with clean water wow she is swollen up looks like a fat ant mound with her panties on not like anyone will notice except me I drag her back to the fuck spot and dry her off cloth her as I slap her pussy getting her to squeal again for me I grab her to me and tell her I will love you forever now you are mine no matter what as i start frenching kissing her again and then sit her down grab her panties she had on before I found her and made forced love to her.

    1. This is why you don’t awnser the door to stangers seriously wtf I hope chris hansen is waiting for you.

    2. And as u let the door close behind you I keep it from shutting while I make sure no one else is home. While u have fun with her, I sneak into her little sisters room where I find her in her little panties. She lets me come in and play with her the whole time your in with her sister. she loved it and gave me the extra key to the house so I can come over and play with her all the time

  12. Teen Lover since u haven’t posted in a while could u maybe free up some premium thing maybe just for a day? Please? Pretty please?

  13. Tf with the comments, you have weirdos, 14 year old guys, also 19 years old, it doesn’t make sense, but the comments are kinda funny 😂

  14. I’d fuck the girls in videos (1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 13 and 14) sorry not sorry but it’s the truth…they are the cutest out of everyone else at least in my opinion

  15. Dudes….I got on here last night, expecting the same thing it’s been for weeks, no update. Yesterday there was like 3 new posts, good stuff. I was checking one out and getting hyped to go see the others, I thought old dude had dropped three new posts at once to reward us for the drought. Then when I went back to the main page they were gone, and trying to go back, the page id just been on was allready gone. Dude has lots of new material just isn’t posting it for some reason. The shit I saw last night was good. It was more short term clips. So you know I’m not lying one of the was a cute Latina chick, red skirt, keeps squatting in front of camera then standing up and flashing her panties. Her blonde friend is in that vid too.

  16. yo don’t mind these ungrateful bastards you’re a fuckin legend just post some girls messing around that was the best content

  17. 16 year old super slut, nice big tits
    vsco – beccaspitz
    Tik tok- @becca.spitz

    18 now, but has been posting absolute heat for awhile, unreal ass on this one.
    vsco NG373

      1. bro look for some yourself its pretty fun also nice when at the end of the day you look at every video and pic u collected

  18. If the girls in #7 10 & 14 all flashed their asses in front of me or were bent over on all fours on bed in front of me there’s no way I’m not going after that ass. I’m gonna wanna fuck it & put a bunch of babies in there.🍆🍌

  19. No doubt all the girls in #7 10 & 14 would be having my babies & I wouldn’t care. I’d fuck them nice & hard or nice & slow. I wouldn’t care as long as they’re pregnant by the end of it all.🍌🍆

  20. Grey shorts girl in 15th I would fuck her sooooo hard that young little sluut, omg I would pound that little ass sooo hard with my big dick in that tiny pussy, and touch those lil boobies and taste that tongue, ummmmmmm, i would gladly cummm in her pussy while she orgasms, the next day I would feed her an after pill and would tell her to drink it with my cum in her mouth which I would shoot short after i smelled her pussy, touched her little sexy ass and boobies, I would order her to jerk my cock and show her small tongue, tongues out baby.

    Im a teen btw.

  21. There’s no better feeling than meeting a girl 14–16 who thinks they know what’s up and they’ve been around and then you show them a real 8 inch thick cock and they don’t know what to do with it. It’s equal parts adorable and sexy watching them try to handle a real man’s dick

  22. The gal in video clip 11 showing a lot of tongue and tight up skirt has my cock throbbing and drooling for more ;-p

  23. Dude, wtf with that Premium Content. Make the access easier or give us more options to “buy”

    So fuckin annoying

  24. Seeing these vids of these teens make me so fucking jealous, because I know that I will never get a chance of getting with one this young. And even if I do I, will be going straight to fucking prison!

  25. God damn the grey shorts in #15 literally ALWAYS gets me to cum, her little ass shaking, and putting it into a thong god damn she knows what she’s doing

    1. On tiktok Just search “look at my liked videos” or “check my liked videos” and go to one of the profiles and check there likes

  26. How in the hell could I type something positive when all I saw were a bunch of retarded tik tok videos with shitty music that made me want to blow my fucking brains out?

  27. They look good but I just can’t get into most of these triller/tik tok videos. The short length, jump cuts/weird editing effects and terrible music is really off putting.

  28. If you think about it this isn’t weird cos most teenagers need something to fap to. something more their age

  29. The subreddit for triller videos(if anyone’s interested in more triller videos):

    1. Fuck outta here. Probably a fake comment but you think people don’t enjoy that, but enjoy watching gay shit like that other post you posted with fucking dicks?

    2. well she is 13… and girl knows what she’s doing, all their age girls know exactly what they do, spoiled lil brats only know how to get money from their body instead get a real job.

  30. Damn I really want to dick down some of these girls 🤤…those slim thicc teens really do it for me.

  31. The amount of these I’ve already seen on thriller is astonishing. Thriller is wild asf.

      1. Does anyone where i can ask chicks for photo requests, like bending over with their tight booty shorts and their face facing the cam, really appreciate the help

    1. One way is if you find a song that girls usually twerk to then you click on the song and you can look at the top videos. It shows a few videos and then you can click ‘more’, but its kinda annoying cause you can’t view a list, you have to scroll through each one.

      The thing is you sometimes have to scroll through a lot of bs to find something good. And those are just the top videos, so I’m sure there’s a whole bunch more content that has barely any views.

      I really wish Triller had a liked videos sections. All you can do is follow the person. Honestly I just wish the Triller app was better, it often is laggy or crashes on me. I think it has gotten a little better now but I don’t use the app all that much. If it worked as smooth as TikTok I would be finding so many videos lol. Not sure what is different about Triller but the girls take thot to a whole new level above Tiktok.


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