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  1. How adorable it is to be a girl and get to wear such cute underwear all day. Not only is she doing it on purpose, but they also do it to make them feel sexy and submissive all day long. Its impossible to not feel submissive when your underwear is jammed up your ass, purely for the attention of the opposite sex. Plus, it makes them THINK about their panties all day because they have to keep adjusting them. They’re basically edging all day as their panties caress their sweet little bodies.

  2. This is such a hot catch lol im in love, there is nothing i wouldn’t do to get that booty and there is so much i would do for that booty lmao

  3. You know that is done on purpose, i wondered how many times she looked in the mirror before she left the house. I can tell you….to many to count, she know what she is doing and loves the attention. I bet if she caught some boy looking at her ass she would give him a dirty look, but secretly getting wet thinking about how hard he is going to jerk to her since he can’t have the real thing. Girls love playing mind games and this is one of many, you can see but no TOUCHY!!!!!!


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