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  1. God, I’d do anything to be balls deep in that pretty little thing between her legs, throbbing and pulsating as I pump her full of cum.

  2. Mmmm god i would love to pop her cherry. She is so little and sexy. I’d have to stick it in her ass too. Fill every hole with hot nut.

  3. She tried to say I sexually assaulted her in highschool because I wasn’t “popular” enough to be tongue kissing in the locker pods and rubbing her pussy over her leggings under the desk in study hall. She led me on for weeks. Talked so dirty with me. Acted fine after hooking up. Next day detective called me. I fucking snapped. Told her its sick to claim shit like that and I’d sue for slander. She then dropped the charges. Shame. Her mom fucked her up

    1. Yeah. If they don’t have a good name then it’s to the curb with them. What a fucking stupid bitch. Hope she dies in an alley alone

  4. She’s amazing. The perfect teen that I would love to watch taking it anal. That face as she got fucked would be hilarious and sexy.

  5. Does anyone else come here for the comments more than the pics, I catch myself skipping the pics just to read the comments and then go to the pics to see what they are talking about.

  6. I wish they would allow semi-nudes, I have so many of my gf I would love to post but they won’t let me


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