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  1. You’re doing God’s work, my man. Keep up the great work.

    More teen feet would be great, but I love the content. Hopefully you can get away with more nude selfies.

    1. If you want to see the video of the first girl. Go to Xhamster.com and type in “Playtime” she should pop up somewhere in the results.

          1. Cant find it. Whats the video title called? Or instead post the last part of the link past the slash

  2. Why was this made premium, it was open and free for weeks, it was one of the few older posts I liked coming back too. Why do we have to pay for old content that was originally free. Prices usually go down with time not up :/ #SadPatron

  3. Couple weeks later and I’m still hardcore cumming over that girl in the first video when she starts humping that pillow.

    1. Same. One of the best things ever posted to this site. I saved it weeks ago just Incase it was made premium

    1. Why so many downvotes? You degenerates realize about half the pics on this site are incest right? Get over yourselves and take some pics of your sisters, I need some new fap material. With a little research you can figure out your sister password to her phone or Snapchat and steal the nudes for us too.

  4. How do I submit videos/images for submission here! There’s a submit+ button but I don’t think it does anything, because all posts are being posted by just one guy (TEEN LOVER).
    Also post more albums and stuff, please cunt.

  5. Someone mentioned in a video a while back there is a code word to log in they said it rymed with sleep… I am guessing it’s sheep ?? Any body know about this

      1. Bro your beating off to prepubescents, and the parents basement thing is one of the worst insults ever

  6. An open letter to the first girl;

    You’re beautiful. You’re so beautiful that I can’t even see you as sexual object. In my heart; I want you to know that you have a position that cannot be touched, priceless, and not accessible.

    I’m going to go under a burden such as describing and describing my love to you with words, and I cannot go beyond a futile action.

    You’re cutting my breath;

    A white girl in a white wedding dress at the wedding of his aunt looking for a dance partner on the track as cute, heart tired tired of a young girl turns his mouth as soon as you open the door to your luscious seducing mother lohusa seduces me with a deeper passion.

    You’re hurting me;

    I cannot tolerate reposting, replying to your comments and comments with other male members in this site. Because I’m jealous of you. I like you the most and so I deserve the most. They are rude, many are depraved, they are hurting you, sometimes they see them as small, they are humiliated and humiliated. Because you’re so beautiful. So cute. They are insulting you with their losers and helplessness. I only love you.

  7. I’m 99% sure that the second one is from live.me . If you look at the top you can se one of their buttons, and obv the name is cropped

  8. who gives a fuck about novembers. I came here and fapped to this video. I’m a simple man. I don’t care if she is 17 or 18.


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