Young Teens Messing Around #6

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  1. Anyone want Highschool Cs and nuds but you have to send your stuff. If you dont have what i have then dont even bother. My name on Insgram is my name here

  2. He just reopened this one guys and he has a profile picture next to his name now! This is proof that he is alive and in the website

  3. #2 what a naughty girl she looks about 13, shes just asking for her butt to get slapped around in that thong.

  4. Gimme both girls in #2 & I’ll be good. They’d be more then good later on that night once I got done with them because they’d be coming back for more cum after I got done knocking them up getting them pregnant & filling them with babies.🍌🍆👶

    1. Y’all need to keep this shit to yourselves ong. Nobody wants to hear about how you would ravage a middle schooler 💀

  5. I’ve graduated with a PhD & I know they’d be happy to know that. A PRETTY HUGE DICK & it’s ready to fill all those girls up with babies. Obviously all these girls are ready to take some up there. Always gotta save your nuts for the girls butts.🍆🍌

      1. Yeah there are definitely some more out there. I think her name was Aciacraycray on or something similair.

  6. Man, this is free again? It used to be premium now its free again. This site makes no sense.

      1. I know I’ve gotten older and uglier that’s why everyone should hop off my social media and stop trying to hmu. Y’all are all probably 50 year old perverts so just don’t even try.

        1. To the retards: this obviously isn’t her, why the hell would a girl be looking for this kinda shit?

          1. Maybe because people were telling me the video was on here, maybe you’re the dumb one

    1. got any direction as to what app did they use ? is “periscope” a thing in Swed ?
      do you know what they are saying ? maybe they call themselves by name ?

  7. Why is there a guys face in the number six video. What exactly is the. Relationship between them. What is going on there??

    1. so, it is like a facceeeboook but for gameing …..Discord is a proprietary freeware VoIP application and digital distribution platform designed for video gaming communities, that specializes in text, image, video and audio communication between users in a chat channel. Discord runs on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and in web browsers

  8. When you post these videos in places they are more likely to get taken down, stop ruining it for everyone. Just tell them how to find it not post links

  9. Repent of your sins, I used to be here but Jesus Christ saved me. If you die in sin you’ll end up in hell, trust Jesus for your eternal salvation.

    1. You Afterlife, Up in heaven debating with God justification for your sin.

      You: no no no God, you see I just typed ‘creepshots’ into google to spread the Word of Jesus, it’s not a sin because it’s canceled out by my good works, that’s why I looked up Creepshots everyday.

      God: how come you didn’t spread my Word everyday you were on creepshots then?

      You: well I was trying to find the right set of pics to comment on by going through each category.

      God: then why did you keep visiting high school over and over ?

      You: just send me to hell already.

    1. I had my mega account for well over a year with a shit ton of folders and then i joined one of the chats and bam terminated.

    2. I suggested a discord chat yesterday in the mega chat but all these hooligans didn’t listen and we all lost everything. And yes pornography of certain types is not allowed and the “private/secure” app is the last thing from private.

        1. Everyone in the previous chat got locked out of their Mega accounts including me.
          Mods said the content was too flame and was overheating the servers.

    1. My goodness . I jus need one homie to send pics wit back n forth . I got you keep em comin , you gotta have em too tho 15-17

  10. I’ve got a few pretty large mega files if anyone is interested in trading nudes (preferably younger nudes) Amos- jimmy_mas02

  11. Does anyone have the mega link for the chat where you can post any age you want? It was shared in the old treasure chat. Had some good jailbait on it.

  12. Any you ladys or gents ever set in high school parking lot and jerk away during gym class I do behind my tent if you going to do teen pussy might as well do it right

  13. Don’t worry boys. I’m working on getting some creep shots of my girlfriends smoking hot HS freshman sister

  14. too bad teen lover don’t have alert’s when new content is uploaded. and mega links. still havent seen the Xo Sav link.

    1. The 90’s were part of the best years of my life. I am 61 years old, and I still love this music. Brings back memories when I used to go to the gay clubs with my son. I was his biggest supporter. We partied together until he joined the Navy and still, he knows how much I enjoy this music.

  15. beckygiles -vsco
    skfarias -vsco
    sab- -vsco
    emchmela -vsco
    julesbthompson -vsco

    thank me later ;))
    make sure to check ” katiescuzz “

  16. An open letter to the girl with black bikini;

    You’re beautiful. You’re so beautiful that I can’t even see you as sexual object. In my heart; I want you to know that you have a position that cannot be touched, priceless, and not accessible.

    I’m going to go under a burden such as describing and describing my love to you with words, and I cannot go beyond a futile action.

    You’re cutting my breath;

    A white girl in a white wedding dress at the wedding of his aunt looking for a dance partner on the track as cute, heart tired tired of a young girl turns his mouth as soon as you open the door to your luscious seducing mother lohusa seduces me with a deeper passion.

    You’re hurting me;

    I cannot tolerate reposting, replying to your comments and comments with other male members in this site. Because I’m jealous of you. I like you the most and so I deserve the most. They are rude, many are depraved, they are hurting you, sometimes they see them as small, they are humiliated and humiliated. Because you’re so beautiful. So cute. They are insulting you with their losers and helplessness. I only love you.

    1. Hope you were all patient! Uploaded and worth the wait! Now get fapping you filthy animals! Enjoy! #F!SXIkSQDb!Pt5Ehg6D1A6r3Spu03PDKw

    1. I found this site looking for creep shots not young children. Some of the images on this site are just not right. If you are questioning it you already know the answer.

    2. I am underage myself, becoming 18 soon so I’ll probably stop watching these pics by the time I’m 19. It’s unfortunate but we will have to move on as we get older, find things you like that fit for your age

  17. list of vsco’s without public insta


    honestly I could go for hours, before it used to bug me not having a public insta but I will just list them here where they are appreciated.

  18. I’ve got a few pretty large mega files if anyone is interested in trading nudes (preferably younger nudes) Amos- jimmy_mas02

  19. If you guys want similar content check out this onlyfans account

  20. I was waiting for the Canadian girls to make out so bad. But they’re just a tease. Fucking 11 minute tease

  21. Hey teen lover I got tons and I mean tons of pics that are not online anywhere cuz they are creep shots of girls at my school that I took if I email u some may I please have a free premium account at this moment I have like over 100 pics but some I can’t send cuz if they are found I will be in trouble

    1. libbyygentle is super cute. She has a decent amount of good pics. Tiny girl with a cute face and big tits = win!

        1. go on instagram type in your local HS or really any HS and cheer in search and literally there is so much content you’ll barely need these sites.. all the girls tag their friends and it is hours of beautiful girls usually in bikinis because they like to flaunt it..

        1. Good recommendation, if you want people to see all the videos, don’t put the best one first. I came as soon as she pulled her pants down.

  22. Anyone know how to get back deleted pics on iPhone? I have over 1000 pics of my ex I’d love to share on here but deleted them a while back.

    1. #6 Is that real. Is she really showing that old man that stuff lmao wtf. Like what app is that even. Confuzzled

  23. I’m looking for a video in premium section. Two girls in thongs and it looks like one girl made one of them. Then someone in chat asks to show boobs and they turn it off


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